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Turkey  11/12/99

Afghanistan   11/08/99

New Madrid 10/23/99

Solomon  10/19/99 

Southern Cal  10/16/99

 Alaska  10/13/99 

 Indonesia  10/10/99 

 Kamchatka 10/05/99

 Mexico  09/30/99 

 Taiwan  09/20/99 

 Turkey  08/17/99  

Mexico  06/15/1999

The following pages show the detection times of recent worldwide earthquakes as recorded by Elfrad

Turkey   16:57:20.3  40.8N  31.1E  10 MS= 7.2 

This graph shows the detection of the precursor signal starting at 14:58:01 Hrs UTC, 119 minutes before the event.  Please note the rapid rise of signal level at that time.  Due to the shallow depth, of the epicenter, the signal at the Amity location was low. We have noted there is a considerable increase in recorded magnitude during earthquakes which have a deep origination. During the quake which occurred in the same general area on 08/17/99, there were very strong short duration pulses which were not present in this one. Of course the magnitude of that event was  MS= 7.8    1999

Frank Condon of Geo-Seismic-labs which is located in California, recorded activity during this event which also indicated precursor detection.


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