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Washington 02/28/01

Kermadec Islands  08/15/00

D'Entrecast Islands  08/14/00

Michoacan, Mexico  08/09/00

Sumatra, Indonesia  06/04/00

Philippine Islands  02/13/00

Tonga Islands 01/08/00

Northern Chile  01/08/00 

 Turkey  11/12/99

Afghanistan   11/08/99

New Madrid 10/23/99

Solomon  10/19/99 

Southern Cal  10/16/99

 Alaska  10/13/99 

 Indonesia  10/10/99 

 Kamchatka 10/05/99

 Mexico  09/30/99 

 Taiwan  09/20/99 

 Turkey  08/17/99  

Mexico  06/15/1999

These pages indicate the detection times of recent earthquakes, as recorded by the Elfrad Group

Kermadec Islands   08/15/00  04:30:09.0 UTC   31.5S 179.7E  Depth= 458 Km M= 6.7 

This graph indicates the electrical precursor and seismic activity, before and during this earthquake, that occurred in the Kermadec, Islands , which are  located 12,745 kilometers distant. Note the precursor activity which began at 01:51:59.5 UT.  These ULF electrical signals were detected 157  minutes prior to the earthquake and and were  moderate in amplitude.   The above graph shows data recorded for a duration of 4 hours before and during the event. Note the increase of activity in the frequency band of .02 to .04 hertz. until and during the first shock. Note the increase in amplitude compared with the  D'entrecasteaux event on the 14th.  This is due to two reasons. Greater event magnitude, and closer distance to the receive site.


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