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Washington 02/28/01

Kermadec Islands  08/15/00

D'Entrecast Islands  08/14/00

Michoacan, Mexico  08/09/00

Sumatra, Indonesia  06/04/00

Philippine Islands  02/13/00

Tonga Islands 01/08/00

Northern Chile  01/08/00 

 Turkey  11/12/99

Afghanistan   11/08/99

New Madrid 10/23/99

Solomon  10/19/99 

Southern Cal  10/16/99

 Alaska  10/13/99 

 Indonesia  10/10/99 

 Kamchatka 10/05/99

 Mexico  09/30/99 

 Taiwan  09/20/99 

 Turkey  08/17/99  

Mexico  06/15/1999


These pages indicate the detection times of recent earthquakes, as recorded by the Elfrad Group

Washington State   02/28/01  18:54:31.0 UTC   47.2N 122.7W  Depth= 49 Km M= 7.0 


This graph indicates the electrical precursor and seismic activity, before and during the earthquake, that occurred near Seattle, Washington.  The graph duration is 21 hours starting at 0:00:38

High electrical activity with a frequency range from .02 to .036 hertz began at 11:00 hrs and continued through the period of this graph. The magnetic field at the time was quiet with very little x-ray activity from Solar sources. The time from the beginning of high ULF radiation until the initial shock of the quake was 473 minutes.

The photo below is a graph of data taken yesterday for the same time period and using the same filter.

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