Southern Cal. 10/16/99 

Alaska 10/13/99

 Kamchatka  10/05/99

 Mexico       09/30/99 

 Taiwan        09/20/99 

 Turkey        08/17/99  

Mexico      06/15/99

The following pages will show the detection times of recent worldwide earthquakes as recorded by Elfrad

Indonesia  10Oct1999  07:03:04.9  2.0S 134.0E  33 MB=6.0

The "P" and" S" markers indicate a time of definite ULF activity 116 minutes prior to the event. Please note  the amplitude as shown on the left side of the graph. The precursor activity was detected 14866 kilometers distant from the receive site and shows a low amplitude. Other sites closer to the fault location would show a much higher range of amplitude for the frequencies shown.

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