Southern Cal. 10/16/99 

Alaska 10/13/99

Indonesia   10/10/99

 Kamchatka  10/05/99

 Mexico       09/30/99 

 Taiwan        09/20/99 

 Turkey        08/17/99  

Mexico      06/15/99

The following pages will show the detection times of recent worldwide earthquakes as recorded by Elfrad

Kamchatka  05Oct1999 05:01:34.0  51.2N 157.6E  60  mb=5.8

The "P" and "S" markers show a time of 92 minutes when precursor was first detected.  Note this was a smaller earthquake an was located 8840 kilometers from the receive site.  The amplitude was rather low however the activity is plainly evident.  Note the large transients after the time of the event which indicates piezoelectric ULF activity as the pressure wave propagates from the source.

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