Southern Cal. 10/16/99 

Alaska 10/13/99

 Kamchatka  10/05/99

 Mexico       09/30/99 

 Taiwan        09/20/99 

 Turkey        08/17/99  

Mexico      06/15/99

The following pages will show the detection times of recent worldwide earthquakes as recorded by Elfrad

Oaxaca, Mexico  30Sep99  16:31:13.0  16.1N  96.7W  33  MS=7.5

Due to this being a large quake and  relatively near to the receive site, precursor activity was detected earlier than usual. The signal amplitude was very strong with the epicenter located only 2685 kilometers distant from this station. Unusual ULF activity was detected several hours before the event.  The "P" and "S" markers indicate a time of 150 minutes before ground movement.  Again note the transient electrical activity after the event.

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