Southern Cal. 10/16/99 

Alaska 10/13/99

 Kamchatka  10/05/99

 Mexico       09/30/99 

 Taiwan        09/20/99 

 Turkey        08/17/99  

Mexico      06/15/99

The following pages will show the detection times of recent worldwide earthquakes as recorded by Elfrad

Taiwan Region  20Sep1999  17:47:19.0  23.8N  121.1E 33  MS=7.6

Due to the large magnitude of the earth movement and electricial activity, this precursor was detected over 151 minutes before the beginning of the event. The distance from the receive site was 13045 kilometers using through the earth detection techniques. Note the amplitude at the left of the scale.  The Elfrad detectors indicated an alert stage at 15:15:53 when the amplitude reached 100 millivolts peak to peak in a predetermined time period.

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