Southern Cal. 10/16/99 

Alaska 10/13/99

 Kamchatka  10/05/99

 Mexico       09/30/99 

 Taiwan        09/20/99 

 Turkey        08/17/99  

Mexico      06/15/99

The following pages will show the detection times of recent worldwide earthquakes as recorded by Elfrad

Turkey  17Aug99  00:01:38.0  40.64N  29.83E  10  MS=7.8

The time indicated by the distance between the "P" and "S" indicators in this instance is 120 minutes. Note the unusual bursts preceding the event.  Also extremely large fluctations are shown after the initial shock.  The nature of the ULF transmissions indicate sharp bursts not usually seen before or during earthquakes. The residents of the surrounding area would have had ample time to evacuate if they has been warned.

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