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Solomon  10/19/99

Southern Cal  10/16/99

 Alaska  10/13/99 

 Indonesia  10/10/99 

 Kamchatka 10/05/99

 Mexico  09/30/99 

 Taiwan  09/20/99 

 Turkey  08/17/99  

Mexico  06/15/1999

The following pages will show the detection times of recent worldwide earthquakes as recorded by Elfrad

Solomon Islands  19Oct1999  13:37:05.0  6.0S  159.3E  33  MS=5.4

The on site detector went into alarm mode at 11:52:04.5 (P Marker) alerting of a possible event. An alert was transmitted to the Elfrad Group at 12:30hrs UTC.  Staff was notified of event in the Solomon Islands at 13:50hrs UTC. The above graph indicates a precursor was evident and recorded, which preceded the earthquake by 105 minutes.  Due to the distance,(13111 kilometers) the amplitude was in the low to mid range area. ULF activity was predominate in the .02 to .04hz range.


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