Current Geophysical Data

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Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:

Current Solar Data (from NOAA)

NASA - Latest Solar Images

NOAA Auroral Activity

Canada Space Weather Forecast

Australian Space Weather Centre

Gamma Ray Burst Real-time Skymap

Moscow Neutron Monitor

Geophysical Institute Magnetometer Chain (Alaska)

Boulder Magnetometer

Latest Magnetograms - Norway, Denmark & Greenland

DA4E (NL) Magnetogram

Red Puma Seismic Events Global List

Live Seismic Server

IRIS Seismic Monitor

USGS - Earthquakes from the past 24 hours

USGS - Live Internet Seismic Server

Electric Terra - ULF Data

Kiel Long Wave Monitor

Stanford University Alaskan VLF Receiver Network

Western Australian Radio Observatory

Cosmic Ray Station - Univeristy of Oulu, Finland

Radio Waves Below 22 KHz - Renato Romero, Italy

Earth Rotation Data - L'Observatoire de Paris

Kiruna (Sweden) Magnetic Pulsations

Global Earthquake Satellite System (GESS)

Real Time Data Links

Copernicus Online Open Access Journals

Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS)

Info-EQ - Seismometry Equipment

The Electronic Geophysical Year  2007 - 2008