0 to 50 hertz
The graph on the next page indicates the detection monitor of an experimental device used to record changes in  the ionosphere. This particular design does not record electromagnetic impulses or changes in the magnetic field, however it does detect disturbances within the ionosphere itself. For instance, GRBs, Solar Flares, CMEs, Earthquakes, and other natural and unnatural phenomena are reflected and amplified, which enable us at ELFRAD  to convert to a ULF frequency for a detailed analysis.

Using this technique it is possible to record major earthquakes at great distances, the moment a precursor occurs or a seismic event happens.

There is much on going work presently involved in this project such  as perfecting directional equipment and networking many sites together for advance warning purposes. When our research proves to be very viable and 100 per cent accurate we will announce the project worldwide.

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