The universe is composed of an infinite number of frequencies.  Some macroscopically large and some microscopically small.  All exist in uncountable phase relationships with one another.

The colors of light, the sound of music, the smell of flowers, the touch of velvet, all are made of combined frequencies.  Some are in phase and adding to, some are out of phase and cancel from, a multitude of vibrations.

Our five senses are capable of interpreting these particular waves and making them tangible to our perception.

Beyond these senses, most of us have to rely on artificial means to convert these frequencies to the range of our comprehension.

We can build devices to generate and detect Radio and Television broadcasts, construct X-Ray machines, and design Ion Propulsion Generators to power space probes. We can detect distant Galaxies light years away. 

The wavelength of a vibration is inversely proportional to the frequency.
  For instance, an AM Radio Station operating at 1000 kHz (1,000,000 Hz) on the dial, radiates an electromagnetic wave which has a wavelength of 299.82 meters.  The power line frequency in your house if you live in the US is 60hz. The wavelength at this frequency is 4997000 meters or 3104 miles.

The lower the frequency the longer the wavelength.

Lets turn now in another direction

There is another  frequency spectrum that is almost unexplored and unknown.

And it can be found underneath your feet

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