August 14, 2003

It all started as a normal humid and hot summer day.  Before it was over, the entire Northeast including a large portion of Canada was without power. Ironically,  In fact, most of the  East and Midwest was operating only at about 75 percent of capacity and in past summers, power systems in the region have used much more capacity on hotter days. 

At 4:06 PM EDT the chief engineer on duty at the Albany New York complex, which is an Independent System Operator and  the nerve center of the state?s power grid, noticed something wrong. A large amount of power flowing from New York toward Ontario through the transmission lines?underground and overhead cables. That wasn?t so unusual. A power plant must have gone down. But seconds later, something happened that he?d never seen. The 800-megawatt surge reversed course and began hurtling back toward New York, like some giant ectoplasmic monster on a rampage.

Generators from all over started to shut down to ward off the tremendous surge, which could overload and burn them out. Faster than most humans could respond, power grids across the region began ?islanding? themselves, disconnecting automatically from the overloaded system. Generators clicked off in a cascade of shutdowns that darkened New York, Pennsylvania, the Midwest and much of Canada. In seconds, North America had suffered the worst blackout in its history. In about nine seconds, 61,800 megawatts were lost, and at 4:11 EDT    50 million people were abruptly left without power.

Despite the initial reassuring signals to the public, during an emergency conference call with senior officials, at 5:30 p.m. EDT, the CIA" stated there was  the possibility that there might have been some terrorist tampering. Informants and interrogations of terror suspects have led the CIA to believe that Al Qaeda is seeking to target power grids to produce just the widespread chaos witnessed. Last year the FBI concluded that terrorists are eagerly surveying weaknesses in power grids through Internet connections in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Pakistan. Even if they had no role in this episode, many worry that this blackout of 2003 provided them with a perfect case study.

The ELFRAD worldwide system has been monitoring a strange transmission for several months. There is a signal burst in the ULF range from .5 to 4 hertz. The source at this time has not been identified. It has been speculated  that perhaps this signal could possibly be influencing the Delta frequencies of the Human brain waves. It has been demonstrated that frequencies in this range artificially generated can cause extreme fatigue and lethargy while in the waking state.  Wherever these signals originate, it makes one wonder if the side effects created are on purpose or just as a by-product of some type of experimentation by the ionospheric heaters which are becoming abundant.

The chart below shows this broadcast on the day of the blackout to the North-East. Interestingly enough, the signal stops at the time of the power disruption event.  Usually these signals are regular and begin daily around 12 noon EDT (1600 UTC) and stop at 1 AM EDT.  Perhaps the source of this particular set of signal bursts is located somewhere in the area of the blackout. Perhaps we are a little closer to determining the source.

In the graph above the P indicator shows last pulse at 19:48.  The S indicator shows the time of total shutdown at 20:11 UT

This graph shows the pulse chain which regularly begins at 16:00 UT. The pulse width is 7 minutes and the spacing between pulses is 8 minutes.  The stop time of this graph is 18:00 UT on the day of the blackout which is about two hours before the event.

The above capture is dated 08/15 the day after the blackout showing the same pulse chain which resumed after power was partially restored. This picture shows the length of the pulse and spacings to be the same as the day of the event.  Also it indicates the same time. 16:00 to 18:00 UTC.