The many years and thousands of hours of research by the ELFRAD Group has revealed a world which has been virtually ignored by Scientists and researchers. It is an underworld of countless frequencies and signals of which the human ear is incapable of hearing. The transmissions are so low in frequency that special equipment had to be invented, designed, and built to detect and capture them.

We use the earth directly as an active antenna. By placing extremely low resistance probes deeply connected to the earth, it is then possible for  the earth sounds to be recorded and analyzed.

These signals range in frequencies from near DC all the way up to the audible level perceived by whales and other Cetaceans in the oceans. Some of the transmissions which have been detected and recorded take days to  complete one cycle and may even originate outside our solar system. Many of the signals have been identified from natural sources such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and magnetic variations of our Sun and others have been found to be man made for various signaling and ranging purposes.

However there have been some detections that completely defy explanation and are an enigma.  The clickable links on the left show some of these unknown  and strange signals.