Extremely Low Frequency Research And Development

  The Elfrad Group was founded in 1986 and is a self funded , non-political organization, consisting of individuals interested in the research of Extremely Low Frequency signals  which propagate the interior of the Earth. This is a pioneering field with unknown possibilities and all information concerning this study will be made available to the public.

Membership is open to everyone, professional or amateur, who expresses a desire of knowledge, in this particular study. Acoustic, seismic, and electromagnetic signals, both natural and artificial,  surround us and are a part of our environment. The source of these signals, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, and their content is of extreme interest to our research. 

We have developed a system which uses the earth itself as an antenna, to receive extremely low frequency signals with wavelengths thousands of  kilometers in length. It is our goal to construct one Elfrad receiving site per 1000 square kilometers, in every country or province on Earth.

All of these sites will be data linked together to provide real time information concerning the source, magnitude, and nature of the underground signals.  These include nuclear explosions, earthquake precursors, magnetic storms,  solar disturbances and many unknown types of  transmissions.

Members are encouraged to be self supporting, however as funds become available through sponsorship or donations, resources will become available to those who are unable to build or purchase the equipment needed.

Complete construction plans including schematics, drawings and software are available on this Web Site at no charge.

This Web site is intended to inform the public of our continuing progress and also to make available information which we feel will be useful to the Scientific Community 1998